The Defi App where Prosperity meets Charity
“When you make money for yourself, that makes you human. But when you make money for someone else, that makes you a hero” - RobinHoodSwap

What is RobinHoodSwap: A Safe & Charitable Crypto Ecosystem

RobinHoodSwap is a yield farming ecosystem running on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). We run on RobinHoodSwap Tokens or RBH.
The objective of RobinHoodSwap is to allow users to utilize blockchain and DeFi to earn rewards while contributing to society by giving back to charitable organizations. It is indeed a platform where prosperity meets charity to create a better society. As you farm, rewards are generated which are then attributed to give back to charity.
As DeFi has gained immense popularity over the years, it has created a unique opportunity to channel the reward flow of liquidity provisioning as well as staking into something meaningful. As a singular entity, achieving such a goal can be daunting. But strength in numbers, while every single participant in the ecosystem stands to benefit - that is an exponential benefit.
RobinHoodSwap will achieve its vision with its governance and utility token, called ‘RBH'. RBH will firstly be used to stake in order to earn rewards, while enabling developers to earn a slight percentage of those rewards to further push forward the goal, giving back to charitable causes via the blockchain and DeFi.

RobinHoodSwap: Mission and Vision

RobinHoodSwap’s purpose is to bring together a community of crypto users from all over the globe with an eagerness to give back. A portion of total tokens (5%) reserved in RobinHood’s pool will be donated to charitable organizations selected by our community. Our objective is to create an environment that's conducive for the cumulative betterment of both the crypto markets, and the community, all while rewarding the participants of the ecosystem.
The permissionless protocol of the DeFi platform ensures that no user is excluded regardless of location, background, and/or social standing. Everyone who participates is guaranteed the same level of opportunity.
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